Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Little Motivation

This week I came across a website called Big Huge Labs, which allows the users to create a variety of free resources that can be used in the classroom.  After examining the website I decided to create a motivator, one of those still image posters that have a saying written on them.  Below is my example, which I entitled confidence.  What I find truly great about this website is the ability to use this simple concept for educational purposes.  For instance, by having your students take a picture from their phones or other digital camera, they could easily create an academic motivator that would fit with your current unit of study.  Think of the possibilities that students would have if you gave them the assignment to create a motivator around the topic of civil rights.  While, being serious with a topic like civil rights is a must, these creations do not need to be.  You could just as easily assign your students a topic like study habits and have them create funny saying on how not to prepare for a test.  In both instances the project would serve a very real academic purpose and allow students the ability to express themselves in a new way.  If you have the chance definitely take the time to explore this website and some of the other great free features it offers.


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