Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Creative Commons License

         I have decided to add CC license to this blog at the urging of one of my teachers. After reviewing all of them I decided to add an attribution and noncommercial license to my work. The rational for these two licenses is that I want people to be able to take any part of my research and thinking and apply it to a situation that works best for them. I know that as I am sitting down to create a lesson or plan a unit any guidance and insight that I can find is like a God sent. For that reason, if anyone finds the work that I have done on this blog useful I want them to be able to use and reference this material.
        The attribution license will allow anyone to, “Copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work — and derivative works based upon it — but only if they give credit the way you request.” I also added a noncommercial license, which has the exact same stipulations as above but does not allow the person using the material to make money off of it. I want my educational property to help others and I do not want anyone to have to pay for that. Teachers are not paid enough as it is, the more free information that is out there as a reference the better for all. So, if you ever find anything of value on this blog please use it with my blessing. Teaching is a noble profession and one that is often undervalued in our society today. Thank you for the work you do and just consider letting others use the excellent work that you have created, because when it comes down to it the most important thing is the education of our students.

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