Saturday, February 21, 2015

7 Day Photo Challenge Recap

                As I started this process the idea of having to take a photo every week seemed daunting and almost impossible.  What photos am I supposed to take?  Who wants to see what I produce?  It was not until I came up with a theme for my photos that I actually became excited about the seven day photo challenge.  With the idea of the Cold War in mind I started looking for ideas that would creatively express the changing state of this idea.  For each day of this challenge I took a number of pictures and then sat down the next and picked the one that I could make allegorical references off of.  This assignment truly was an opportunity to analyze and really develop my understanding of the Cold War.  For this I choose to post the pictures and descriptions in chronological order because they are telling a story.  I know that it really should occur in reverse order, but for this idea and descriptions I just did not think it would work.  After completing this process, this is definitely an activity that I want to use with my students and I hope you can see the educational benefits that it presents.

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